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Yes, I am still a life coach and will be forever. Yes, I am pursuing everything I adore. Am I busy? Yes. But it is a good busy. It is a time flies type of busy. And I get to have awesome looking nails the whole time I’m doing it.

My new business venture is Color Street. I am an independent Stylist.

Especially a woman like me, with psoriasis, the Color Street nail strips are a dream come true. My nails are dented, sometimes pitted and all around not nice to look at. And going to a salon to overpay for painful gel nails isn’t too much fun, plus the integrity of the nail bed is compromised with filing. And the scorching blue UV light (Ouch!!!!!).

These nail strips are 100% nail polish, no vinyl, no adhesives. Just peel and stick and have amazing, shiny, glossy or glittery flawless nails for 14 days!!! And they are chip resistant. It’s a win win. And half the cost of salon gels and Do It At Home and it is EASY!! You are in control.


Shop my launch party event here!!

Shop!! Shine With Susan Color Street Nail Strips




join my fb group for contests, giveaways, videos and more!

Shine With Susan! Color Street FB Group






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