Resilience Life Coaching

Step into your Personal Development

Are you feeling hurt? Are you feeling challenged?

The things that hurt and challenge you make you stronger.

Know this – you are powerful beyond measure. 

The Universe works to support you and build you into a masterful being. Take ownership of this – take steps toward claiming your power.

Who is Susan?


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I am Certified in Life Coaching from Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA)
I’m currently attending iPEC, the International Coach Federation (IFC)-accredited coach training school to complete an additional 300 hours in Life Coaching certification.

I am also certified in 200 hours Yoga Therapy and Hatha Yoga Instruction and a member of International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT).

Ask me about It Works! If you want to be Fit, Fueled and Focused.

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What is Resilience Life Coaching?

Resilience Life Coaching assists you in dealing with life’s challenges and helps build your confidence muscle. It strengthens your sense of self worth and encourages your soul’s growth.

My life coaching program is highly personalized for your own individual transitions.

Do you see the many blessings that are given in your daily life? Do you recognize that challenges are opportunities for your self-growth?

Are you aware that all of the interactions you have with others are actual spiritual connections that enhance you on an internal level?

After coaching with me, you will take notice to patterns that emerge in your life and observe situations that repeat and reappear. These are messages from the universe about life lessons, and signs that will lead you on your true path. 



The true you is perfect in it’s own way.

Appreciate Life on Muddy Earth.



Are you aware of all of the amazing gifts that you possess?

The Universe provides interactions and events in your life when you need them.

Challenges are opportunities to open you up, to shed another layer of mud off of you and for you to grow toward the light.

stop doubting.


It is your time to shine.

You Are Not Alone

Every Life Has a Purpose

We Are All Connected

Success is Possible and Within Your Reach